I built this page to describe my Honda Hawk GT. I was initially drawn to the Hawk largely because of the V-Twin engine and aluminum frame, as well as the very trick single sided swingarm. It also had a very strong following with racers in certain classes, which provides an ample supply of performance modification parts, ideas and experience.

This Hawk has many modifications, some popular within the Hawk community and some very unique. I've created what I consider the near perfect "street" Hawk, with the looks and sounds of an exotic sport bike.  One that is a blast to ride and easy to maintain.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and descriptions.

Jeff Gum

mailto: jgum@starpower.net


PAGE 1 (General Pictures)

PAGE 2 (Engine Specifications)

PAGE 3 (Frame Modifications)

PAGE 4 (The VTR Fairing)

PAGE 5 (Solo Tail)

PAGE 6 (Front and Rear Brakes)

PAGE 7 (Wheels and Tires)

PAGE 8 (Exhaust System)

PAGE 9 (Other Miscellaneous Information)