The frame has been modified in order to fit the front subframe, which locates and mounts the fairing, headlight, instruments and mirrors.To fit the subframe, an aluminum tab was welded onto the steering head tube.This boss was welded over where the stock frame has a short protruding boss sticking out of the casting.



This tab provides a solid mounting for the front subframe.


With the fitting of the fairing and subframe mounted instrument cluster, the steering lock-to-lock rotation had to be reduced slightly.This was accomplished by drilling and tapping the original steering stops on the frame and fitting screws and a couple of washers.The screw heads and washers extend the steering stop slightly and are adjustable by adding or subtracting washers.This slight reduction in steering travel is not noticeable in day to day riding, it only really comes into play when making very short turns as when pushing the bike to turn it around in the driveway.

Reducing the steering travel, however, did prevent the steering lock from functioning.This required slightly clearancing the frame up under the top triple clamp where the lock bolt slides up and locks the steering.The steering can now be locked when turning the front full left (I didnít clearance the right side).