Here is a collection of photos of the GTR.  The thumbnails link to larger pics by clicking on them.  Use your browser back button to return to this page.


First a set of general pics of the bike as it currently looks:













Couple of shots of the Pro-Tek rearsets.  Note the detail of the rear brake light switch mounting and rear shock reservoir mount.





And finally a couple of shots fitted with the stock Hawk tail section and vintage Corbin His-n-Her seat.  Fitting this tail required some modifications to the taillight for additional clearance.  Also the muffler had to be lowered 1 inch - which was the main reason this set-up didn't work very well.  This reduced muffler-tire clearance a corresponding inch, which meant the shock preload had to be cranked waaay up so it wouldn't constantly be bottoming out on the muffler.  It worked so-so for solo riding (if you like a stiff shock setting), but still bottomed out slightly with 2-up riding on large bumps (with the shock cranked up even further).  It looks good though (well, except for that seat!), might work OK using a properly modified shock to keep it from hitting the muffler (with only 3" of travel).  I only kept the bike this way for a little while as the underseat exhaust was designed around using the solo tail