Other Information



There were a few things not covered in the other pages - so "the rest of the story" goes here.


First off - this Hawk is FOR SALE.

Price is $4500.  Please contact me via email if interested.

Original Mileage is 14321.

Since around 1998 it has had Mobil 1 15w50 oil changes exclusively, always with a Honda OEM filter.

It is getting near time for the next valve adjustment - I have a full set of valve cover gaskets and seals to go with it for this job.

Chain and sprockets is stock Honda and original (and in good shape).  I have a new set of PBI 520 conversion sprockets that will go with the bike (no chain though).  These are the stock ratio.

Bike usually resides under a like-new OSI cover - this also comes with it.

2-Person Corbin and OEM tail section comes with bike.  Also included are the passenger pegs and brackets.



The following items will detail areas not covered I the rest of the web site.


The Suspension


        As mentioned previously, the rear shock if from an early model (pre 1997) CBR900RR.  It underwent the standard modifications to fit a Hawk and was additional modified by adding a shock travel limiter keeping the travel near the same as a stock Hawk shock.  This was done to allow adequate muffler to tire clearance without hitting.

        The front forks were upgraded with the addition of Race Tech emulators and Progressive springs.  Fork oil is 10W.  I've also just replaced the front fork seals (8-02).

        For the raised rear ride height, the side kickstand was lengthened appropriately.  Centerstand was removed long ago (and is long gone).  A Pit Bull rear stand is used for rear end maintenance and will come with the bike.

        A lower chain roller is fitted just below and behind the kickstand, the original rubbing block and mounting bracket has been removed.  This is SOP for the added rear ride height.

        Seat height is 33", measured with the bike unloaded and held vertically.  It drops about an inch or so when I sit on it.  Riding position is near perfect for my size - little over 5'9" with 32" inseam.  The rearsets move the peg position back 1" but do not raise it over stock.


More Exhaust Notes


      In order to fit the exhaust, the fuel pump had to be relocated.  It now resides directly in front of the top of the battery box.  It is mounted on a metal bracket that incorporates the original rubber pump mount.  The fuel lines were re-routed to provide for a more direct routing and to clear the fuel tank quick disconnect better.  A larger fuel filter is now used; it is a standard auto item.

      The bottom of the original rear fender is clearanced up to the bottom of the battery box.  A stainless steel heat shield is formed to wrap up along the underside of the fender to insulate the battery from the exhaust heat.  Never had any problems with excess heat against the battery.

Another heat shield is formed from aluminum and sits directly above the muffler, between it and the subframe.  Again, no heat problems with this set up.

Exhaust note is similar to the typical straight-through type can muffler typically fitted to a Hawk.  Audible is very close to the D&D can muffler I ran years ago.



One parting note - this is NOT the kind of bike you want if you want to keep a low profile, particularly at your local motorcycle races.  With this bike be prepared for lots of attention and question and answer sessions!


I never tire of looking at it though; it is more than just the sum of its parts.


So why am I selling it?  It has to make way for a new project - so it's got to go to a new home.  I only hope the next owner enjoys it as much as I have!