This Hawk is Equipped with K&N Pod filters and carbs re-jetted via. Factory Stage 3 Jet kit with Titanium needles.  With the removal of the airbox, any jetting or other servicing of the carbs is made much easier.  There is also more noise transmitted from the intake while riding, but this is only really notable at large throttle



Removal of the airbox also removes the crankcase breather and carb slide-vent filter.

For the crankcase vent, I installed an elbow and PCV valve to work as a one-way crankcase evacuator.  A small K&N filter is located just after the PCV valve.  I can’t say if this actually works as a “good” crankcase evacuator, though I don’t get any oil or other residue from the exit side of the valve (and filter).

On the Carb slide vent, I removed the vent section from an old airbox and re-fitted it in the same location where it had been when the airbox was installed.  A small “J” support was clamped to the short crankcase vent outlet hose and this holds the carb vent filter up off the engine.


Other than the carb set-up above and exhaust, the engine is otherwise stock.  At 650cc she runs pretty good, though a nice upgrade would be upping the displacement to 700cc and fitting a set of Megacycle cams.  I built such an engine for this Hawk but financial issues at the time required me to sell it prior to installation.

As they say, “Sh!+ Happens”!