Recent Short Stories

Gary Krist

Published Stories
(Since Bone by Bone)

"Rara Avis"
published in Gulf Coast
Autumn 2002 issue
"Payback Time"
published in Men Seeking Women
edited by Jonathan Karp
in electronic book form (Random House) in February 2001
and in paperback (Vintage) in March 2001
Writer's Harvest 2
edited by Ethan Canin (Harcourt Brace)
Also: Included in Birth: A Literary Companion
a collection of birth-related literature (University of Iowa Press) in Fall 2002
Also: Included in The Insomniac's Handbook
a collection of sleep-related literature (Byron Preiss Books) in Spring 2001
"An Innocent Bystander"
Playboy -- April 1998
Also: Included in Best American Mystery Stories 1999
edited by Ed McBain (Houghton Mifflin)
"An Unsheltered Island"
The Hudson Review 50th Anniversary Issue
Spring 1998

Upcoming Stories

in progress
"My Life of Torture"
in progress
"Caring for the General"
in progress

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