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 Grand Champion, Regional Winner Makeda Koenigin Fawn Sheba

CFA's Best Fawn Abyssinian, 6th Best Abyssinian

Great Lakes Region's 13th Best Cat in Championship,

Best Fawn Abyssinian

A Fawn Abyssinian Female

 Active, Intelligent, Loyal, Creative, Noble. All these adjectives apply to Abyssinian Cats. They make wonderful pets and companions. Ours do well with the other cats and the dog.

The cat shown above came from Jimpat Cattery near Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC.

Pat Thompson, our breeder, often has wonderful kittens looking for a new home.

Click here for Pat's Cats

Qetesh is a Champion and we'll bring her back out later this year.

Here is an early picture of our fawn female kitten, Jimpat Makeda Koenigin Fawn Sheba and her sister, Jimpat Qetesh. Qetesh lives with Pat Thompson and visits us for shows.

Here is Sheba again. She's a real sweetie!

And here a photograph of our red, Grand Premier Jimpat Reds Ras Amari. He is a real schmooze and loves to bury into our laps and under the covers at night!

Here is one of our favorite ruddy, Premier Clarion's Alp Aslani.

He too is a real schmooze. The bed can get quite crowded on cold winter nights.



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