The Boys


 Here is the Grand Daddy of them all!


GC, RW Ashura Raffenpaw of Jimpat


Nearly 15 years old and still going strong although he is retired from breeding.




Photo by Chanan


 Here is Raffenpaw's Son,

GC, Jimpat's Red Balloon


 Photo by Helmi



And here are some Girls


Here's one of Raffenpaw's daughters:

Heartsease Sassy







Photo by Chanan


 And here is

GC Clarion's Limerick of Jimpat









Photo by Chanan


 The Kittens

 Everyone Loves Kittens! Abyssinian kittens are some of the best!


 Here are three ruddy kittens from a recent litter. Pat might have kittens for you right now. Drop her an email at her address to find out. Mail: Pat Thompson

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