A Barn Revealed

The House:

In the middle of this very small, quite unremarkable house, we found a barn. Ceilings were uncomfortably low, 6’5” in the former barn, and 7’-0” in three ‘shed’ structures, earlier additions around the barn perimeter.

The Program:

  • Renovate, creating a home that feels spacious, light,
    and part of the river landscape.
  • Retain/reinforce the existing building’s simplicity and
    lack of pretense.
  • Enlarge the kitchen and living areas, budget allowing.
Exterior #1

The Solution: “Smoke and Mirrors”

  • Make small feel large and closed feel open, purifying the interior spaces, adding minimally.
  • Remove interior walls entirely between the living area (the old barn) and the dining room, kitchen, and enclosed porch (two sheds).
  • Uncover & expose original materials:
    • barn siding at interior walls, weathered and still paritally-painted;
    • rough-hewn second floor joists in the barn, now whitewashed;
    • sloped shed ceilings, adding skylights;
    • random-width heart pine flooring, refinished;
    • clapboards, repaired & painted.
    • Replace river-facing walls with floor to ceiling glass doors and decks beyond
Exterior #2
The original barn is now clearly framed by the surrounding sheds, whose interior spaces are defined only by changes in ceiling height, lighting and furnishings, allowing uninterrupted views of the river.
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