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CtoFB3 translates functions and programs from the C programming language into FutureBASIC LOCAL FNs requiring minimal editing. All standard C statements and operators are handled. Many programs and code fragments can be translated, including those containing multiple nested include statements. CtoFB3 has been released as freeware for FutureBASIC programmers. Requires OS X, Mac OS 9.x, or Mac OS 8.6.
Download 0.8.2b More Info
OpenGLPlotFunc is a FutureBASIC OpenGL example.
Complete source code is available on the FutureBASIC 4 Release 2 CD.
Based on the Fortran 90 program plotfunc.f90 by William F. Mitchell (part of f90gl package).
Tested on OS X 10.3 and OS X 10.4.

Download OpenGLPlotFunc
CADViewerTranslator reads DXF & RIB files, and writes DXF files.
Displays selected layers/frames of multiple files in an OpenGL window.
Walk through the model using mouse and arrow keys.

Download 0.0.6d More Info

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