The D&M Pyramid of Mars

by Erol Torun

The following article is the result of work done in 1988 and 1989 concerning an enigmatic landform located in the Cydonia Mensae region of Mars. The object pictured here is five-sided, pyramidal, and located a few miles from the Face on Mars. Like the Face, the D&M Pyramid is part of a complex of unusual landforms that may be the product of intelligent design.

The article is subdivided into these sections:

Background - The Cydonia investigation up to 1988, geological setting, and imagery selection criteria.

Geomorphology - Discussion of the D&M Pyramid in terms of the geological processes believed to be active on Mars.

Criteria - Reconstructive technique, and criteria for analyzing this geometry for the mathematical and architectural features that suggest intelligent design.

Geometry - Diagrams and conclusions.

References - Numbered references cited in the above sections.

URL's - Sites on the Web related to this subject.

Article Posted on February 29, 1996
© Erol Torun