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quena (bamboo notch flute), zampoña (panpipe), tarka (carved flute), moxeño (bass flute), charango (small 10-string), tiple (12-string steel guitar), guitar, bombo, chaqchas...
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About the band and its music:

Panpipes, bamboo flutes, the ringing double and triple strings of the charango and tiple... Memorias de los Andes ("Memorias" for short) is the band for concerts, banquets, weddings, birthdays, lounge music, and many other occasions where quality counts and something special is desired. If you like the sound of Irish post-celtic, try some post-incaic for size. (listen to us on our CD online or the samples box at the bottom of this page)

Have you ever heard a melody you could not quite describe but that was so catchy it stayed with you for a long, long time? Memorias is a band formed in 2002 by four long-time experts of a lesser-known genre that beautifully combines unusual flutes and panpipes with acoustic strings that range from the common guitar to exotic marvels like the lute-like charango and the steel guitar-like tiple. In an age in which we are beset from all directions by prefab electric music that all sounds the same and replaces musician skill with industry formula and electronic synthesizers, Memorias religiously commits to acoustic instruments, performing with human skill and feeling instead of factory-made effects. In this fashion, it forms a pristine oasis in an industrially polluted world of music. Just as the better known Irish Music of today reflects ancient celtic sentiment preserved and carried through the dark ages while also having evolved along the way, so does the Andean Music of Memorias immortalize the very essence of pre-Columbian civilization in today's modern times.

Although Memorias has beautiful vocal pieces in its repertoire for Latin audiences, its emphasis lies on instrumental tunes that cross national and cultural borders sounding at times like romantic movie tracks, at other times like a happening party. Memorias adjusts to the wishes of its audience, playing upbeat or mellow as desired. Thus, these four talented musicians who sound like six blend easily into the background of a banquet or wake the dead with rare treasures from Latin America or with their own creative compositions. Memorias' first CD was released at the end of 2004 and includes numerous original compositions. It is now available on this site for listening and purchase. Words can't do Memorias justice. Its music one must simply hear for oneself, for one can only approximately describe it as a Classical Music bred in the South American highlands, a New Age sound without the artificial ingredients, mystic folklore that has outgrown the fetters of tradition, or haunting dream music which now and then dances a merry jig.

Bringing you the surviving gold of the Incas, the heritage of wind-swept places where the cultures of Europe, Africa, and especially Native America merged to create an electrifying music of the soul, these four musicians never disappoint. Despite being busy, Memorias often has a number of open spots in its calendar throughout the year for special appearances at weddings, birthday parties, banquets, gatherings and other occasions. For your own event, book them today! (duo and trio arrangements are also possible)



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MEMORIAS DE LOS ANDES:  Instrumental Journey

Panpipes, bamboo flutes, the ringing double and triple strings of the charango and tiple, the deep lament of the moxeño form rich instrumental tunes that cross national and cultural borders. Perfect for stress dissipation. Rated best Andean CD by many who bought it.

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To listen to more samples, check out the display of our new CD at CD Baby: MEMORIAS DE LOS ANDES: Instrumental Journey



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