Upated 29 February 2004
Claymore's Marlowe Renard CGC

Marlowe resides with her owner in Wheaton, IL.  She gets to go to work with her owner every day where she makes the rounds and greets customers and earned her CGC in the Spring of 2002.

Born on 08 March 2002, she is BBEE (Black, doesn't carry liver or yellow), and was the first puppy to whelp.  Scroll down for more pictures.

Marlowe - 2 1/2 years

Marlowe - 15 Months

Marlowe - also at 15 months and needing a trim


Pink - Day 55
Claymore's Marlowe Renard

Day 19 - Pink, Blue, and Green


Day 10 - Blue, Yellow, and Pink

Day 9 - Pink, very happy

Day 5 - Pink, White, Blue, Yellow, and Purple
(I.e., liver) sleeping before the next meal


Day 2 - Almost Everyone's still hungry



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