Katie's 1st Litter Page

Whelping Information
Puppy Color Gender Time Born, EST Birth Weight, oz
1 Liver Dog 0853 17

Litter whelped 26 June 2000

Weight Graph

Billy gained an average of 3 ounces per day.

Temperature Graph


Test Scores
Below are the puppy test attributes and scores.  Testing was conducted on day 48.
Test Score
Social Attraction 3
Following 2+
Restraint 3
Social Dominance 3+
Elevation Dominance 4
Retrieving 4
Touch Sensitivity 3
Sound Sensitivity 2
Chase Instinct 3
Stability 3

DNA (Chroma Gene)

Puppy Color Gender Time Born, EST Birth Weight, oz
1 Liver 
Dog 2140 17
BBEE = Black Does Not Carry Liver Nor Yellow
BbEE = Black Carries Liver, Does Not Carry Yellow
bbEE = Liver, Does Not Carry Yellow

X-Rays and Ultrasound

Sonogram taken by Dr. Stang on 26 may 2000
X-rays taken by Dr. Bennet -
Can you find the puppy?  If not scroll down for a different kind of look.

Scroll on down for a processed image which may help bring them out.

The whelp is spine down and along the bottom edge just above the greenish layer.  Look for the quarter sized head near left center.
Look on the right half of the spine for something that resembles fish bones.

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