AKC Senior HUnter Test and Results -
16 February 2002

 Land Double and Land Blind

The first series required adding light rows of cover inbetween the line and the go bird (live Flyer).  A winger was used for the go bird as the ducks didn't feel like flying that day.  Honor dog was to the left of the line.   A shot from the blind was given as the handler/dog approached the line.  After the shot a turn to the left for the marks.  Katie did creep at the line and needed to be reheeled.  Thicker cover was added for the blind.  Two casts and she was right on the bird.

Water Blind, Water Double

The marks were by invitation after the blind (which was cold).  Lots of young trees in the flooded cypress swamp.  Quite a challenge for Katie and me.  She took a good initial line but got sucked off investigating the numerous trees.  I lost her off in the swamp but she did come back to pick up the bird. There was a slipped whistle (S) and it did take her a while (several hours by my clock at the line) for here to re-appear.  The  memory bird gunner was visible.  The go bird was from a hidden winger.

25 dogs ran
14 went to water
10 qualified.

This was Katie's fourth SH leg!