01 March 2009
Claymore Flat-Coated Retrievers
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    Will be providing news once the new addition has been identified.

April at 5 months 
Neverland's April of Claymore JH WCX
11 April 2006 - 27 February 2009

    April had a great personality and was desrcibed by all as a sweet girl. She lived a great life as she was with great people, dogs, and worked in the field almost every day. She had contracted a very agressive sarcoma which gave no indications of its presence until 26 Feb. Although she was just under 3, she'll certainly be missed.


Picture of Katie 
15 Feb 1995 - 13 March 2003
    Katie was a really great dog and I am fortunate to have had her for the short 8 years. She was good to hunt over and exuberant even after a whole day of walking around and searching for birds. She was a typical flat-coat in that she would get the job, whatever job that may have been, done - it may not have been how you wanted it done   though. Quail were her favorite bird; they were to her as catnip is to a cat, she just couldn't get enough of them and was hard to control when they were in the area. She produced a number of excellent dogs. Two of them have produced litters of their own. the three offspring what were shown have all finished, and all eight of her puppies are in great homes.

To get more information on Katie, Tink, or April - email me at info@claymore-flats.com.
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